Gotta Start Somewhere

It’s a bit overwhelming trying to figure out how to talk about the patriarchy with friends, let alone try to challenge it. It’s not a topic that comes up easily in conversation, as the patriarchy’s whole goal is to prevent us from identifying and disrupting this status quo. Men always have held more power than women, why look into it? Why change it?

This year, the questions that I’ve been taught not to ask are just the ones I want to answer. What is toxic masculinity, and how do men suffer from it? What do men have to gain from facing their privilege head on and dismantling it?

“Males as a group have and do benefit the most from patriarchy, from the assumption that they are superior to females and should rule over us. But those benefits have come with a price. In return for all the goodies men receive from patriarchy, they are required to dominate women to exploit and oppress us, using violence if they must to keep patriarchy intact. Most men find it difficult to be patriarchs. Most men are disturbed by hatred and fear of women, by male violence against women, even the men who perpetuate this violence. But they fear letting go of the benefits…I believe that if they knew more about feminism they would no longer fear it, for they would find in feminist movement the hope of their own release fro the bondage of patriarchy.” – bell hooks

It feels like feminism and gender equity should be about women, so why all this talk about men?There is certainly work for women to do here, don’t get me wrong, but real action and transformational progress will occur with the men in our community.

I hope you join us in our quest to let the patriarchy know that it has no home here. To prove that our mixed ultimate frisbee community is not a place for male dominance to dictate women’s experiences. That we all have something to gain by joining together in a movement to end sexism.


p.s. Look at how happy I am when we’re stickin’ it to the patriarchy. #huckthepatriarchy #makethematriarchy

Huck the Patriarchy


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