Reading List: Understanding Gender Equity

There are lots of smart writers out there with easy to understand concepts – and concepts that push in our understanding too. We’ve started compiling some helpful articles (both from ultimate sources and non-ultimate sources) that may help you. Take an open, pliable mind to these articles and share them with your community.

See any missing? Add your ideas by sending us a note at

Let’s Talk About Mixed
Geneveive Leo | Oct 2016 | Medium

“Gender equality conversations in the ultimate community must include women in mixed. Excluding or discouraging these women is a set back to the gender equality movement.”

We Don’t Need Saviors, We Need Proponents
Leslie Keller | September 15, 2016  | Medium

“Since becoming a coach, I’ve still seen and experienced a lot of sexism in Ultimate. The difference is this time, I’m not taking it. There is no reason that these young women in Ultimate should receive anything but equal recognition for their accomplishments or that they shouldn’t be taken just as seriously as their male counterparts.”

Why Sexist Language Matters
Sherryl Kleinman | Summer 2002 | Qualitative Sociology

“[W]hy do so many women cling to “freshman,” “chairman,” and “you guys?” I think it’s because women want to be included in the term that refers to the higher-status group: men. But while being labeled “one of the guys” might make women feel included, it’s only a guise of inclusion, not the reality. If women were really included we wouldn’t have to disappear into the word “guys.””

An Open Letter to Minnesota Ultimate
Minnesota High School Women’s Players | April 2017 | Medium

“If we are not enforcing standards that require the equal treatment of female players in all levels of play, then we will continue to see discrimination. We need specific policies that encourage conversation, awareness, and accountability.”

An Open Letter to Male Ultimate Players…From a Guy
Kenny Wiley | April 2014 | Skyd

“Every time we neglect a player on the field, I argue we hurt the game we love.”

Part II: Women as Play-Makers
Kellie Koester | May 2016 | Awesome Sports Project

“One player said that he felt he had to be more careful with his body, and be more aware of where people were on the field. While I appreciate his focus on not injuring anyone on the field, at a recreational level of a non-contact sport, shouldn’t that be the norm?”

Equality and Equity in Ultimate
Luke Burgess-Yeo | Sept 2016 | Medium

“Gender inequality is the most basic of all the inequalities we face, and if we can’t even deal with that then how can we hope to tackle any other form of inequality?”

Equality Is Not Enough: What the Classroom Has Taught Me About Justice
Amy Sun | Sept 2014 | Everyday Feminism

“Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Equality is treating everyone the same.”

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