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It’s can be daunting to know where to start when working to understand or address gender equity. Fortunately, there are a lot of thoughtful, curious, and smart minds who think and write about how gender inequalities show up in mixed. We want to build off of them to bring your some #geneqtips!

Do you have a tip or trick to share on how we can better understand or work toward gender equity? Send us an email,, or tweet at us with #GenEqTip.

#GenEqTip #1: Get inspired by – and celebrate – the incredible women who play mixed ultimate!

#GenEqTip #2:  For men: “Operate from the assumption that women’s ultimate is dope from the get-go.” Read the full article here.

#GenEqTip #3: READ: Why does gender-bias (aka sexism) still persist in a team sport? Great ideas & tangibles here.

#GenEqTip #4: Brainstorm: how does gender inequality show up on a mixed field?

#GenEqTip #5: Consider how to be inclusive to non-gender binary folks w/ language & action. Read Lucy’s article here for a new perspective.

#GenEqTip #6: Understand why we need feminism. Why do you need feminism? See photos by Tino Tran here!

#GenEqTip #7: Get nerdy – look at data & stats on women’s role in mixed here.

#GenEqTip #8: Start an “article of the week” club to learn more about sexism – this article a good place to start.

#GenEqTip #9: Birdfruit and Bulleit Train talked about #genderequity during tryouts & preseason, have you? Read from them (and add your own!) here.

#GenEqTip #10: Stop putting down mixed in comparison with M & W divisions! Read here.

#GenEqTip #12:  Talk about your privilege & how you can leverage it, like @seattlemixtape does. Watch!

#GenEqTip #11: Be ok messing up (like skipping number 11 because you’re so excited about number 12 so then coming up with 11 on the fly…)

#GenEqTip #13: Captains: consider why more men run for captain – what can you do to support women’s leadership development? #womeninsports

#GenEqTip #14: Consider how spirit & gender equity go hand in hand:
Read from Bert Abbott via the National Ultimate League here.

#GenEqTip #15: Read more from women of color (like Chip Chang)! Her writing helps us learn, grow, & reflect – read here.

#GenEqTip #16: Learn how to act in solidarity with those who are marginalized. So much good stuff in this article from the South Seattle Emerald! Read here.

#GenEqTip #17: Get your team together off the field to talk about #genderequity; check out what Toolbox Ultimate did here.

#GenEqTip #18: What does it feel like to be the “new girl” at pick up? Learn how to be more inclusive of others, read here.

#GenEqTip #19: Coach mixed youth ultimate? Ren Caldwell identifies challenges & solutions you can start doing today! Read here.

  • #19.1 Make sure girls are contributing in high-pressure situations. Practice reps of gender-intentional endzone to reinforce equitable play.
  • #19.2 Support a healthy body image! Build in strength (and confidence!) training for your girls and have role models of #womeninsports.
  • #19.3 Prioritize #genderequity discussions, especially with the boys. Have them brainstorm solutions to increase buy in and ownership.

#GenEqTip #20: “Prioritize listening & not just to people who talk the most.” Hana of AGE UP drops knowledge, watch the video here.

#GenEqTip #21: Create teammate “posses” to build trust, communication, and support. Friendships are foundations! Read here.

#GenEqTip #22: Read “We Don’t Need Saviors, We Need Proponents” – great article on role of men in #genderequity work.

#GenEqTip #23: Hey captains – how do you connect #genderequity with team leadership? Read up in a recept Bert Brain post here.

#GenEqTip #24: Start a #genderequity committee on your team to share the leadership. Meet twice a month to plan convos for the team!

#GenEqTip #25: Reread this article and think about what you can do in your community to support young #womeninsports.

#GenEqTip #26: Talk with your team about how and when to talk about inequitable play. In the moment vs. after practice?

#GenEqTip #27: Read more poetry by women, like this from Rupi Kaur.

#GenEqTip #28: Read about race, gentrification, and ultimate in this series.

#GenEqTip #29: This is a must read on how to have convoersations about #genderequity.

#GenEqTip #30: What strengths do you perceive from women on your mixed team? Reply & share them!

#GenEqTip #31: Equity can mean giving a chance for young women to play, instead of men *gasp* Read to find out why.

#GenEqTip #32: Practice & reinforce better, equitable habits, like these. What habits are you practicing?

#GenEqTip #33: Who does the emotional labor on your mixed team? Don’t know what emotional labor is? Read up here from Everyday Feminism.

#GenEqTip #34: Think politically and intersectionally. What #privilege do you hold as a frisbee player?

#GenEqTip #35: Do transgender policies ensure fairness? Listen to voices from the LGBTQ+ community, start by reading here.

#GenEqTip #36: Check your bias: read these five myths about #womeninultimate, especially those that pit Mixed & Women’s divisions against each other.

#GenEqTip #37: Build a zone or junk defense around the strengths of your women. Learn how and where they feel most effective first!

#GenEqTip #38: Trying to break the habit of saying “you guys”? Understand why it’s a harmful term & ways to change with this article.

“Try making up a female-based generic, such as “freshwoman,” and using it with a group of male students, or calling your male boss “chairwoman.” Then again, don’t. There could be serious consequences for referring to a man as a woman—a term that still means “lesser” in our society. If not, why do men get so upset at the idea of being called women?”

#GenEqTip #39: Put a name to the ways the male gender is default (and follow @manwhohaitall for a hilarious perspective.)

#GenEqTip #40: Read Chip Chang’s thread (and follow her on twitter if you haven’t already).

#GenEqTip #41: Consider the ways you were taught growing up that women are weaker than men. Read here!

#GenEqTip #42: Love your body. And tell your partner that you love their body. You are enough. ❤️

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#GenEqTip #43: Understand what it means for young boys to grow as #feminists (and where we’ve gone wrong). Read this.

#GenEqTip #44: Bring gender equity convos to your league or casual team. Thanks to Wilk for sharing his ideas! Read his article here.

#GenEqTip #45: Read and retweet. Chip uses ultimate to help explain why “I don’t see race” is a dangerous phrase.

#GenEqTip #46: Brainstorm how WFDF & other orgs can do internal gender equity reviews. Read the backstory, then tweet your ideas at us!

#GenEqTip #47: Read this GREAT article by Seattle Sockeye’s Sam Harkness – and share with a male teammate or friend.

#GenEqTip #48: Share articles and ideas with your team captains – like this great new piece from Chicago Shakedown!


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