Why do you choose to play mixed ultimate? How do you feel empowered or limited by playing on a field with men and women? Have you had conversations directly about gender with your teammates? We’ve asked ourselves the same questions – and it always seems that the answers lead to even more questions.


We’re on a quest to work with frisbee players in the mixed ultimate community to create a central hub of resources for mixed teams and individual players as we all progress in our understanding and demonstration of gender equity.

We’re committed to working with mixed players because we share an experience of encountering gender differences, both on the field and on the sideline. We want to hear your experiences, concerns, and advice from playing mixed and to amplify that within our community so we can all grow and learn together.

Three ways for you to get connected and show your support for this work:
1. Like our pages on facebook and twitter.
2. Explore this site for resources, ideas, and stories.
3. Send us an email at emucampaign@gmail.com with a question you have or an experience where you’ve talked about gender with other ultimate players. 


We’re committed to collective knowledge-building and want to develop this resource based on the experiences, stories, and advice from the community.

We’re going to be focusing in on gender equity, from understanding privilege to drills that reinforce gender equality on the field. Through social media, online resources, and in-person meetups, we want to create spaces for players and coaches to share their perspectives.

This calendar is structured around the club season – we recognize that frisbee players play in a range of avenues, including league, tournaments, and pickup. We aim to to produce resources that support everyone, but the structure of a year-long club season gives us a good time frame and benchmarks with which to progress. Regardless, these resources and ideas are accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time!

We recognize that we may not attain full gender equality for our sport in our lifetimes and because of that, equity work becomes all the more urgent and necessary. We have a focus of gender equity for this year, but are open to exploring how gender intersects with other parts of identity, as well as looking at other facets of equity in future years. We are based in Seattle, but intend for resources to be accessible for all and events to be replicable.


Something missing that you’d like to acknowledge in this work? Please let us know!

We acknowledge the privilege that society affords to men and know that a sideline doesn’t stop privilege from manifesting on the frisbee field. We strive to create space for men who play mixed ultimate to take on consciousness raising around privilege and power in order to be agents for change.

We acknowledge the disadvantages and oppression women face on and off the field and commit to naming and combatting sexism – and supporting each other when we do so. We strive to create space for women who play mixed ultimate to step into leadership in directing conversations around gender equity.

We acknowledge that gender is a socially constructed binary and recognize the broad range of experiences that lesbian, gay, queer, pansexual, intersex, and trans* folks face every day, and for people of color in particular. We strive to create an intersectional space for their voices in particular to be heard, respected, and amplified to ensure an inclusive sense of community for all who play ultimate frisbee.


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