Building Team Culture

March — Understanding your team culture and building intention around gender equity
April — Facilitating conversations with your team around gender to set yourself up for success
May — Normalizing conversations about equity and committing to culture change

Every team has its own unique culture. Team goals, ways of communicating, a specific set of inside jokes, party habits – culture can be a key part why we play and love ultimate. But when not handled well, a team’s culture can also make people feel left out, uncomfortable, or devalued. Culture can make or break a team and season for individuals or the whole roster.

Team culture shapes the experiences of players, and is in turn shaped directly by those players. Social culture impacts men and women differently, so it is critical we talk about how to foster team culture that is inclusive, instead of oppressive.

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Taking a closer look at what team culture actually is and how it can set the team up for success can go a long way to forming an inclusive community. There are a lot of different ways to include gender equity conversations at the foundational stages of setting your season, and approaches to these conversations will differ depending on the culture your team already has established.

Questions to consider

  • What roles do men and women play on your team, socially and on the field? How does privilege show up on your team?
  • Whose voices are heard the most? How do we become better listeners? Why is it beneficial to create space for women’s voices in particular?
  • How does it feel to keep gender in the forefront? What accountability is necessary to commit to gender equity?

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