Arc of the season

Considering how to incorporate gender equity into a club season can be daunting, so we’re breaking it down. During the off-season, let’s build understanding of privilege in larger society and its application to ultimate. As things are gearing up for pre-season, let’s shift the conversation into analyzing teams’ culture as it is now and work on building culture for the upcoming season. During the season we’ll focus on walking the talk, and through that and into post-season we’ll do reflection on how that works.

We encourage you to take apply this framework to your team’s season. We recognize that many mixed players don’t play club, so feel free to adjust around how your hear shakes out.

Understanding Gender Equity | oFF-Season

January — Prep & planning
February — Studying privilege & oppression in society and sports

Building Team Culture | Pre-Season

March — Understanding your team culture and building intention around gender equity
April — Facilitating conversations with your team around gender to set yourself up for success
May — Normalizing conversations about equity and committing to culture change

Playing With Gender Equity | IN-Season

June — Incorporating gender equitable play into strategy
July — Drilling on-field equity to build better habits
August — Evaluating the incorporation of equity on and off the field
September — Building accountability for high pressure situations

Evaluating Progress | Post-Season

October – December — Debriefing, reflecting, and refining