Understanding Gender Equity

January — Prep & planning
February — Studying privilege & oppression in society and sports

Why is it important we consider the overlap of ultimate frisbee with gender and sexism?

“Ultimate is a unique sport that has the potential to truly include everyone who wishes to play, and unpacking the current gender inequities is a step towards a more just inclusive environment. The more we have every player on board working towards equality in ultimate frisbee means we have more individuals working towards equality in their daily lives outside of ultimate.”
– anonymous survey answer, 2017

Before we cleat up – whether that’s for the first time, before a winter league game, or for the first practice of our club season – we have a choice to make. Are we committed to advancing the inclusivity of our sport? Do we acknowledge there is work yet to be done in removing barriers for each athlete to be their best selves, on and off the field?

Seems like a big task, where do I start?

It can be daunting, but reading, learning, and asking questions is totally the place to start. Check out a few ways to take steps forward:

  1. Get up to speed. There have been some excellent articles written about gender equity in ultimate, start by checking out our suggested reading list here.
  2. Start picking up some tips & tricks. We’ve compiled ideas for you using the hashtag #GenEqTip on twitter – explore and engage with those.
  3. Learn from other teams. We’ve been hearing from other teams how they have started conversations with their peers around gender equity. Read what they’ve done and brainstorm how you could bring that to your team.
  4. Share your ideas and questions. We want to hear and amplify what you’re learning, whether it’s something you’re working on or questions you’re working through. Share these ideas or experiences with us using this form, or email us at

“Everybody needs to feel respected and equal for a team to be successful.”